How did The BUS come to life?

Regional Youth Support Services (RYSS), or Gosford Youth Services as was, started life as a youth outreach service in 1986. Local youth advocate and support workers recognised the issues affecting young people and the need to engage with them in their space, on their turf. So they bought a bus and utilised Youth Centres. By offering outreach services directly at the source ‐ information, advocacy and referral on issues as diverse as homelessness, mental health, violence and bullying – RYSS soon outgrew the bus and settled in a more permanent venues at Wyomings Youth Centre and a multipurpose Youth facility at Parkside, on Donnison Street, Gosford. In 30 years, it’s estimated over 15,000 local young people have since been supported through tough times and inspired to greater achievements; helped, housed and celebrated. Kim, now RYSS CEO, has overseen a workforce of three expand to 30+, specialist programming introduced (including for young parents, Juvenile Justice, LGBTI, Abilities and Indigenous clients), a 250 participant Youth Arts Warehouse constructed, recording studio, art room and creative workshops, plus State‐recognised campaigns addressing youth AOD issues and bullying.


Over the years, RYSS has kept up the mobile engagement on an informal basis, but the need has always outweighed the resources. Anti‐social behaviour hotspots need to be targeted, isolated rural communities linked to services and support offered at youth festivals and events. Given the topographical complexity of the Central Coast region, a poor public transport system, high youth disengagement, unemployment and housing issues, RYSS identified the need for a more dedicated Outreach Service to be established, one that could access and assist young people on the doorstep of every Central Coast community.

Which brings us to December 2015 and a 25 year old, former blood bank, Hino Passenger Bus, complete with Hula Doll on the dashboard!


One national exterior design competition later, a partnership with Skills Generator, community funding and a coast‐wide consultation involving over 1000 young people later and RYSS’s latest addition to their extensive youth support team is well on the way to taking its first tour of duty.


After 30 years, in 2016, RYSS is returning to its roots.


So watch this space, because the RYSS BUS is COMING TO A VENUE NEAR YOU…!

Regional Youth Support Services (RYSS) is a not-for-profit charity that provides a point of access on the Central Coast for high quality services, resources and facilities specifically tailored to young people aged 12 - 25 years. The BUS funding will help to keep the services mobile and ensure that help is where it is needed most.

Community Consultation Results

Following the use of youth focus groups (a total of 128 respondents) to vote on the BUS design, the next stage was to identify what Central Coast young people want on 

their BUS, where they want it to travel to and why is it needed, the regional issues they want addressing.


What we did to engage young people: In order to encourage participation from the broad 12- 25 year old demographic, consultation activities were developed to engage 

those confident online, those with a more creative leaning and those reticent to speak with candour about their neighbourhoods or issues facing young people.


Engagement strategies included;


  • An Online Survey available at www.ryssbus.com.au  - iPad / WiFi connectivity

  • Hard Copy Surveys to engage those not familiar/comfortable with computers

  • Multimedia Connectivity – Facebook, Website Blog, Instagram etc

  • A1 empty image of BUS Interior – to visually engage those more comfortable in a creative medium

  • Art equipment to draw/decorate interior

  • Pictorial cut-outs of possible resources to stick to interior image

  • Respondents to write what they would like to have on board The BUS

  • A0 HUGE Map of the Central Coast – young people to identify what area they are from and what issues need addressing there, using self-adhesive arrows

  • BUS Postcards for further information and contact details

  • Promotional BUS giveaways - wristbands and lollipops

  • Youth workers, youth mentors and volunteers to engage with festival goers and discuss the BUS concept further


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  • A total of 707 respondents –52% male, 45% female, 2% identifying as non-gender specific

  • 31% of respondents were aged 12-15, 24% 16-19 and 19% aged 20-25

  • 51% respondents from the Gosford 

  • 42% from Wyong Region.

  • Regional responses from Catherine Hill Bay to Umina.

About The BUS
Our Progress

Regional Youth Support Services’ latest innovation will deliver targeted Child, Youth, and Family support services to areas of the Central Coast where it is needed most. The RYSS Bus Project, supported by Family and Community Services as well as a range of other local community and business groups, will deliver programs designed by local services, for their local communities – focusing in particular on children, young people and their families. The Bus will ensure communities have the support they need, where they need it most.

This full sized transit bus will be custom fitted to deliver education and training sessions, forums, and information seminars, internet access, art and creativity workshops, outdoor cinema, music performances, and a range of other intervention and engagement programs.


Fully integrated with the best and latest technologies including AV systems, Wi‐Fi, and gaming capabilities, the Bus Project can not only deliver ‘seminar’ style sessions to seated groups, but also one‐on‐one support work, a social chill space, and that’s just the start. The beauty of this project is that it is designed with flexibility and creativity in mind – if a community has a specific need, then The Bus aims to fill it. Whether it is providing information and advice at a local shopping centre, raising awareness & highlighting an emerging community issue, running a short film evening alongside a local beach, hosting an acoustic music event, providing a safe space “Chill Out” zone at a festival, or through targeted outreach support to young people in an area where support services have previously struggled to reach – The RYSS Bus Project wants to be able to deliver the solution on a scale never before seen on The Central Coast.

Dec 2015:

The BUS is purchased and brought to the Central Coast


Jan 2016:

Art Competition launched.

Survey launched for youth on the Coast to tell RYSS what they want to see on The BUS!


Feb 2016: 

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation, Family and Community Services, Coast Community Connections, the Indigenous Department of Education and local service partners come on board to help fund The BUS


March 2016:

Skills Generator Gosford and their Work For The Dole crew start working on the external repairs on The BUS

Exterior Design Winner announced ‐ 15 year old Kincumber High student, Fionn Molloy


April 2016:

Over 1000 young people take part in a massive Community Consultation to identify what they want on The BUS, where it should go and why their area needs a BUS stop


August 2016:

Wrap is complete on The BUS and the internal layout, including the resources identified by young people in the consultation, is locked down

How can you help support The BUS?

Community Groups across the Coast can now deliver their own projects the way they know best, with their own staff, to their own community. That is where the success in this story sits.


For many years support services have struggled to reach areas in need, and for many years local communities have called out for more help, more support, with more accessibility. Those who do community work are resourceful and resilient, and will always do the best with what they have, but RYSS is offering a new solution – a solution that will change the way support is delivered to those who need it most.


We can’t wait for the Official Launch of the RYSS BUS Project, coming in October 2016 – perfectly timed with the anniversary of Regional Youth Support Services delivering 30 years of support to young people on the Central Coast.

But we could always do with a little more help…


If you have a relevant skill, or you are a local business that would like to contribute to this project, if you have bus driving experience, take two minutes to complete the online survey, donate to the project, volunteer your time or spread the word… we would LOVE to hear from you.


Contact The BUS Conductor at RYSS on (02) 4323 2374 to discuss how you can best contribute to this outstanding opportunity for children, young people and families in our region.

What can The BUS do?

Personal Development Programs

  • Living Skills

  • Transport Training

  • Drivers Ed/L2P

  • Local LLN

  • Celebrate Safely – Safe Youth Partying

  • Addressing Domestic Violence – SharkCage/Love Bites

  • Save A Mate (Alcohol & Other Drugs workshop)

  • Parenting Programs

  • Intro to CPR

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Leap to Learn/CCDN Self Advocacy

  • Basic Computer Skills Education

  • Financial Management Training

  • Personal Safety

  • Leadership Programs

Arts Programming

  • DJing

  • Music Production

  • Film Making

  • Documentary Development

  • Scriptwriting

  • Graphic Design

  • Photography

  • Indigenous Art

  • Street Art

  • Comic Strip

  • Manga Art

  • Drama/Theatresports

  • Drawing/Oils/Watercolours

  • Trash2Treasure – Recycle Art

  • Sculpture

  • Ceramics

  • Screen Printing

  • The Wishing Line

  • Radio Podcasting

  • Intro to Blogging

Community Services

  • Schools Connection

  • Service Forums

  • Community Consultation

  • Seminars

  • Awareness Campaigns

  • Neighbourhood CDATs

  • Indigenous Support Programming

  • Multicultural Partnerships

  • Stylish Swaps ‐ used clothing/ toys

  • Crèche/Parenting Support

  • Small Business Advisory

  • Centrelink Support

  • Legal Aid

  • Fair Trading Services

  • Addressing Anti‐social Behaviour

  • Disability Support

  • Youth & Family Events Support

Fun Stuff

  • Bean Bag Cinema

  • Gaming Comps

  • Retro Gaming/Boards/Cards

  • Sports/Festival BBQs

  • Chill Space

  • Library

  • Sports Training – Boxing etc

  • Yoga/Workouts