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Regional Youth Support Services, in partnership with FACS created the Youth opportunities POP up Project. The project was created to recognise Young Achievers from the Central Coast celebrating them in an online hall of fame – This forum was designed to be an online library for other young people of the central coast, providing them with tools and resources to encourage, motivate and inspire them on their own journey, it is the good news story that keeps on giving.


The project has seen 48 Young achievers being nominated, recognising a variety of skills areas including – Art, Sport, Music, Social Media, Advocacy, Mental health, Aboriginal Culture, Young Professionals and inspiring life stories, - We have made some great partnerships with Sea FM, Berkeley Vale High School, Central Coast News, East Coast Juices, Oasis youth centre, the Riff Cafe and Terrigal Surf Life Saving Club.


13 Young Achievers ran skills-based workshops to young people of the central coast. We had over 140 youth Attendees, ranging from the ages of 12-25.


Over the course of the Project, YOP POP-UPS has seen over 30,000 social media likes, shares and views. It’s even got attention from local print media, Central Coast News, who has been running a weekly segment celebrating some of the incredible Young Achievers. It has been truly amazing to watch this project grow and recognise these amazing Young Coasties 


Dj IRIS (or Chloe Smith to her friends) is a young Central Coast DJ and producer stamping her mark on the music industry, fuelled by her passion of Deep Bass and House.

Chloe started at a young age, using her brother’s decks, constantly practising her techniques and sets, before landing professional gigs to hone her skills even further.

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Chloe aka. DJ Iris 25
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Taj is a worldwide celebrated Coastie guitar prodigy, at just nine years of age. He is FULLY endorsed, by the likes of Gibson, played with guitar greats, has appeared on the blockbuster Ellen show, as well as local and national TV, such as the Today show for Channel 9, and he is just nine years of age!

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taj farrant 9
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Crystal russom 22

Crystal Russom is currently living her dream working in commercial radio as a writer and voiceover artist for the Coast’s very own, SEAfm.


But at just 22 years old, she’s a lot of other things too: a writer, a digital content creator, a retail worker, community volunteer and a passionate Youth Advocate for mental health support.


Aidan Reid is a young leader from the Central Coast who is interested in Innovation and Technology and has a strong involvement in supporting the community and growing the leadership of both himself and those that he is involved with.

Aidan Reid 18
Eliza brearley 23
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Eliza Brearley is a 23-year-old actor, model, singer, swimmer and now, YouTuber, as host of Australia’s first autism therapy YouTube channel. Through her YouTube channel, Eliza wants to show that having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t learn, and we all have the potential to be the best version of ourselves. 

Deen is the 2019 Central Coast Youth of the Year, winning the Australia Day Award for his contributions to Youth Leadership over the past decade. Other extracurricular activities Deen has led in include Rotaract, RYLA, UN Youth, YMCA NSW Youth Parliament and walking the Kokoda Track as part of the Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge Scholarship.

Deen Rad 24
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jasmine shaw 19

Jasmine Shaw is a 19-year-old animal activist who has a passion for helping all animals and in particular animals in circuses. Jasmine runs Animal Liberation on the Central Coast and volunteers at NSW Hen Rescue and the Animal Justice Party.

Corey Lees 22, is the Founder and Director of UND (United Not Divided) Youth Services on the Central Coast. Corey was inspired to create this service based on his own mental health journey.

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corey lees  22
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Angus Hamill 20

Angus Hamill is a 20-year-old Master of Ceremonies (MC) and Radio Presenter for coast fm963.

His parents always knew there was something different about him as soon as he could talk. They used to walk him down the street and he would recite each house number, having a meltdown if there was even one house with no visible number.

Jamie is 19 years old and passionate about motorbikes, building electric circuits, custom computer building and making electronic music – “It’s beautifully complex the way you get to just play around with the sounds and is something you can’t really do with other genres, which is actually awesome!”

Joshua Willmott 19
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Jamie Willmott 19
benjy cartwright 16
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Benjy Cartwright is 16 years old and a full-time Classical Ballet student at Premiere Studios, Tuggerah. He started dancing just four years ago doing recreational dance classes and has, for the past two years, been performing with the Elite Troupe there.

Matt Mott is an 18-year-old aspiring Central Coast Artist and has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He still has a sketch of Spiderman that he drew on a brown paper bag from when he was just three years old!

He says he really found his passion during his high school years.

Matt Mott  18

The Barudir Project (‘Butterfly’ in Darkinjung language) began in early 2018, developed by Gudjagang Ngara Li-dhi Aboriginal Corporation.
Led by 18 Indigenous Young People, this group project focuses on creative responses to issues affecting Central Coast youth, such as:
• Drugs and Alcohol
• Healthy Relationships
• Teens and the law
• Staying engaged in school
• and Mental Health

The barudir project
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Benjy Cartwright is 16 years old and a full-time Classical Ballet student at Premiere Studios, Tuggerah. He started dancing just four years ago doing recreational dance classes and has, for the past two years, been performing with the Elite Troupe there.

Jasmin Hughes 19

Jasmin Hughes is a 19-year old Central Coast Young Advocate who tirelessly works toward raising awareness about Youth Homelessness.

 Finding herself homelessness at aged just 15, Jasmin sought help from her School Counsellor who then referred her on to Coast Shelter – a local charity who has been supporting homeless and disadvantaged members of our community for 27 years now.

Evan hillman  16

Evan is a 16-year-old High School Student studying at Berkley Vale Secondary College, and thanks to his campaign to change school uniform policy, he has been nominated as a young achiever by his very own Principal, Mrs. Wells.


Evan identified the simple issue of sock colour as proving contentious within the student body. White was proving impractical with black suggested as an alternative.

Joseph Arrua is a musician, performer and producer. He performs around the Central Coast, singing with his acoustic guitar, but also produces his own pop/alternative songs under the name Minorfear.

He is currently working on translating those musical skills toward a new frontier; creating and editing ‘sound-rich’ spoken word content.


He is studying a Bachelor of Law & Media, majoring in Radio, Digital Audio, and Broadcast Production at Macquarie University.

Joseph arrua 19
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Andrew Cooney  24  
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Andrew Cooney is a 24 year-old international award winning content creator, working with business and brands all over the world. He developed a love for photography at 14, and 10 years later has captured the Northern Lights of Lofoten, Norway, to the Grizzly Bears of the Rockies in Canada and the Colours of India

Rae Anderson is a 22 year-old Australian Paralympian...and sooo much more!

Having been born with cerebral palsy and undergoing numerous operations to help her enjoy a normal life, Rae is now carving out an impressive athletics career for herself.

Rae Anderson  22  
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Becca 'will-o-wisps'  22  
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Becca Fitzgerald aka. Will-O-Wisps (Will-O for short) is a 22-Year-old celebrated Cosplayer and Social Media influencer with 33k followers on Instagram, 51k subscribers on YouTube, and 141k on TikTok!!!

She first became interested in cosplay 10 years ago, after seeing cosplayers online taking photos, making videos and basically having a blast with their friends. Her parents then kick-started the passion for real by buying her first cosplay costume that Christmas, Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto. "The costume was a bit dodgy and inaccurate, but I ABSOLUTELY ADORED wearing it. I was just so happy to finally be doing it"

Liam Bellette is a 22-year-old proud Aboriginal young father and Health and Safety Representative for Sydney Trains

Liam became a young dad at 18 in 2015, from the moment he found out he was going to become a father, he immediately felt the responsibility to make a lifestyle change. He took on many casual jobs to provide for his family from night shift work at servos, brickie and bartending. After completing his Diploma in Music Business in 2014 Liam landed a job in the industry with a Sydney based booking agency and took on many job roles from accountant, reception, promotions, and contacts to provide for his growing family. Once Seb was born he then took on the role of stay at home dad, to support his partner in fulfilling her education dreams. 

liam bellette  22  
Reanna Vassallo 21

Reanna Vassallo is a 21-year-old Coastie smashing gender stereotypes in the field of tradies. A fully qualified Boiler Maker, she is currently working for Rivenlee Floats, building horse trucks!

Having grown up living on a farming property at Kulnura with her family, Reanna can remember always being by her fathers’ side, whether sitting beside him in a truck or on a tractor while they picked and produced. From a young age, Reanna has known no different but to be a hands-on, hard worker.

CJ Is a coastie with a dream and seeing his Dream through, 1 Interview at a time, He runs a Rugby League Podcast called The Final Tackle, which enables him to talk to greats of the game, current superstars and many more sporting figures.

At just 23 years of age, he already amasses over 10,000 average views on his facebook posts, Hundreds of Listens per Episode and more.


In his own words: "In a world of things that have been done before, and rugby league podcasts being no exception to that, I am trying to stand out by doing something different with the Rugby League Podcast Platform

cj vincent 23
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Kenna cassa 24

Kenna, 24, currently studying her Diploma in Community Services decided to begin her career in the Community Services Industry after being inspired by the people who have helped her through past difficult times.

While completing her Certificate IV in Community Services she started volunteering with the Central Coast White Ribbon Committee, participating in local events.

Paris, 16, is a remarkable and talented young individual, Paris is an aspiring Artist and is determined to one day make this a successful career, she hopes that her artwork will be showcased in a gallery one day. Paris stated “I receive a lot of positive feedback and I think it would be great if people could see my art in a gallery”

paris hodder 16
Sienna acquaro 24
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Sienna is a 24 year old active and determined young woman who is currently living her dream as an actor in Luna Park's, Hallowscream.

Sienna is an extremely creative and aspiring artist and songwriter. She also has a passion for and is very adept at dancing and circus skills, stilts, juggling, clowning and aerial along with competently playing piano and guitar.