• Alex O'Neal


This Christmas, Santa has brought something very special to the young people of the Central Coast. To say that we are excited is an understatement – perhaps overjoyed better describes Regional Youth Support Services’ (RYSS) latest innovation in the delivery of targeted Child, Youth, and Family support services to areas of the Central Coast where it is needed most. The RYSS Bus Project, supported by Family and Community Services as well as a range of other local community and business groups will deliver programs designed by local services, for their local communities – focusing in particular on children, young people and their families - The Bus will ensure communities have the support they need, where they need it most. This full sized transit bus aims to be custom fitted to be able to deliver education and training sessions, forums, and information seminars, internet access, art and creativity workshops, outdoor cinema, music performance areas, and a range of other intervention and engagement programs. Fully integrated with the best and latest technologies including AV systems, Wi-Fi, and gaming capabilities, The Bus Project can not only deliver ‘seminar’ style sessions to seated groups, but also one-on-one support work, gaming competitions, and that’s just the start. The beauty of this project is that it is designed with flexibility and creativity in mind – if a community has a specific need, then The Bus aims to fill it. Whether it is providing information and advice at a local shopping centre, raising awareness & highlighting an emerging community issue, running a short film evening alongside a local beach, hosting an acoustic music event, providing a safe space “Chill Out” zone at a festival, or through targeted outreach support to young people in an area where support services have previously struggled to reach – The RYSS Bus Project wants to be able to deliver the solution on a scale never before seen on The Central Coast.

Regional Youth Support Services will host The project, and facilitate local communities across the Central Coast in using The Bus to the best of its ability. Community Groups across the coast can deliver their own projects the way they know best, with their own staff, to their own community. That is where the success in this story sits – for many years support services have struggled to reach areas in need, and for many years local communities have called out for more help, more support, and with more accessibility. Those who do community work are resourceful and resilient, and will always do the best with what they have – and now there is a new solution – a solution that will change the way support is delivered to those who need it most. We can’t wait for the Official Launch of the RYSS Bus Project, coming in April, 2016. If you have a relevant skill, or you are a local business that would like to contribute to project, contact Alex at RYSS on (02) 4323 2374 to discuss how you can best contribute to this new innovation on the coast.


Regional Youth Support Services Bus 

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