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Toast the Coast

It was a blistering hot day but amazing. We could not believe the turn out for the Toast the Coast festival, there were estimated crowds of over 8,000. The food was mouth watering and the selection of local craft beer, cider, organic wine and talented music drew in the families in their droves.

The Bus had a stall as an outreach consultation platform where we could inform the public about our new project and get their opinions on what they would like to see happening on The BUS!

The positive reactions were overwhelming. A brilliant idea, sorely needed, when is it coming, love the design, can I volunteer? Just some of the comments staff heard from members of the public. A lot of teenagers expressed their joy at having a place to go for help where there would be no stigma attached and no judgement, a safe place that would come to their front door, instead of them having to travel to access services.

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Regional Youth Support Services Bus 

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