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Australian Theatre for YP address homelessness

On Tuesday 4 April 2017 (as a lead up event to YHMD), ACYP will hold, in collaboration with Yfoundations, a one day youth led workshop for approximately thirty children and young people engaged with SHS from across the State (ACYP to confirm exact location - will be in Sydney).

From the consultations last year, children and young people wanted to see:

  • Greater visibility and understanding of the issue of young homelessness;

  • A social media campaign made by children and young people for children and young people to assist them to access support services earlier.

The theatre project and social media campaign aim to achieve both of these.

The workshop on the 4 April, will comprise two parts. Part one will involve working with the children and young people to develop key messages for the social media campaign to raise awareness of the issue of youth homelessness (the campaign will also target children and young people at risk of homelessness and provide information about where and how to access support).

Part two will involve the children and young people working with the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) to share their lived experiences of homelessness which will be used by ATYP to develop a play. The play will be offered to schools throughout NSW.

The RYSS BUS will attend and bring young people, who have experienced homelessness, from the Central Coast to this event. They will attend for the days workshop and the bus will provide a safe space for youth to connect, relax and talk as needed.


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